Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New AMD Phenom X4 fails to impress

The Phenom X4 is about to hit the shelves. There's been
word about pricing
already, but none about performance so far. Well, until now. There's a Crysis benchmark over at I think many expected a miracle happening on the AMD side, because their CPUs, humbly spoken, suck at this time. The results are disillusioning, though:
While the E6850, QX6850 and QX9650 (all 3GHz CPUs) run at the same average of 49 FPS, the Phenom X4 only does 46 FPS at the same clock-rate of 3GHz.
All intel CPUs use a 333MHz (quad-pumped) Front-Side-Bus and a low multiplicator of 9, while the Phenom X4 has a low FSB of 200MHz and a high multiplicator of 15. That means that the communication of the CPU to the periphery is 40% slower, which might, in my humble no hardware-geekish opinion, be the reason for the slowdown.
And now here's the even more demolishing opinion of mine: As you might know I own a Q6600 which is clocked at 2.4GHz. I overclocked it to 3GHz, the same clock-speed the benchmark used, and noticed virtually *no* difference. This could mean that the Phenom X4 is even slower than the Q6600 with 600Mhz less clock-speed!
It's still very early and I don't want to jump to conclusions as of yet, but I don't expect much from AMD's upcoming CPU generation.

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