Friday, December 7, 2007

Showing framerate and temperatures in-game with RivaTuner

RivaTuner is a very tricky program. It's user-interface is like a maze and it's virtually impossible to find some features it provides for the average user. The most interesting feature I know of is displaying the CPU and GPU-temperature in an on-screen-display in-game. With this you can easily check your temps while playing.
To do this, you need to first start the hardware-monitoring server. You need to create a Launcher-item to configure this. Switch to the register "Launcher" and press the Plus-button below the list.

Then you need to select "RivaTuner module activation item" in the following dialog.

In the module picker use the following settings: Module type is "Low-level module" and Module name is "Hardware monitoring". You can leave the name empty and it'll create a default-name for you. After you've pressed "Ok" it'll show the new item in your Launcher-list.

Launch the Hardware monitoring sub-system by double-clicking it in the launcher list or picking it from the context-menu of the tray-icon (if enabled). You'll be presented a new window with lots of bar-charts and a few buttons.

It doesn't seem to work on the system I'm creating this tutorial on, but this shouldn't be a problem.
Now right-click one of the bar-charts and bring up the Setup dialog.

This beast has only one important setting right now. You need to enable "Show xxx in on-screen display" and run the monitoring server. After you've done that, there'll be a new tray icon in your system for the monitoring server where you can enable and disable the on-screen display. It's enabled by default, so we shouldn't worry about that right now.
You should already have an OSD in your games now. You can try it by running any DirectX or OpenGL application. I recommend the Quake 3 Arena demo for this. :-)
Back in the window with all the bar-charts you can click the "Setup" button in the lower right corner. After this the hardware monitoring setup will pop up and you'll be able to select all the plugins you want to have displayed in the OSD. Just enable the desired plugin, press Setup and enable "Show xxx in on-screen display" like we did before.
There are some RivaTuner-plugins around which are not shipped with the default-installation, so you should try google when you don't have access to all temperatures you want to display.
This is what it looks like with my current settings:


  1. how did you get CPU and FPS displayed?

  2. Hey Luke,
    as for the CPU temperature, I used the core 2 duo plug-in (although using a core 2 quad)from here:
    Regarding the FPS, this was built-in, afaik. Been some while since I've last used it.