Friday, September 12, 2008

Nekthuth - Making Vim Love Lisp

My friend DieMumiee pointed me to a project call Nekthuth that is supposed to be a mini-version of slime, just for my beloved Vim. The web-site looks promising, there are even screenshots and short, but good documentation. Using it it's quite easy to get Nekthuth installed and getting started.

However, my current SBCL is kinda broken. Dunno what I did to it, but after an apt-get update it segfaulted while compiling some scripts and just seems defective. I tried Nekthuth anyways, just to experience a broken pipe. Ouch. :-(

So you're invited to test it out and send reports to me and the original author. I'm quite interested in whether this project could become at least a partial slime-replacement and drive more Lispers to use Vim, and make Lisp available to Vimmers.

1 comment:

  1. Broken pipe? I thought I had tried to make sure it would at least fail gracefully. What does sbcl do upon bootup for you so I can emulate it?