Friday, March 6, 2009

German community effort to create a good (tm) C++ Tutorial

I have started to gather people to help me write a C++ tutorial that will just blow away everything that's been around. It will be standards compliant, teaching clean, good coding style, fun to read and practical. We put emphasize on making C++ tasty to programming beginners by providing them the necessary tools to easily create graphical output. Our opinion is that tutorials that teach console programming are boring the read too fast, so we've created a "playground" that the reader can use to write graphical programs without first having to learn how to use complex GUI or graphics libraries. We believe that this approach will attract many readers and will make C++ more attractive to beginners (or maybe even advanced programmers that are tired of wading through a console tutorial).

The team currently consists of roughly 6 people from on, but I constantly try to recruit new writers. The tutorial's first version and initial draft are all done in German, because the team consists of Germans only and we'd like to keep the barrier to start helping and writing articles as small as possible. We hope that the final product will be completely available in English some time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Featured interview at

Marius Popa from interviewed me as a part of the "People around Firebird" series. I had a chance to talk about myself, my projects and my views on topics like Firebird and Qt.

It's an interesting read, don't miss it!